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21 September

New OV Chairman & Reader roles & OV memories

OV Reader at Worcester Cathedral

We were thrilled to hear that OV, and Hon Secretary of the OV Club Committee, Nick Stephens (Br 77-84) was licensed as a Reader at Worcester Cathedral last weekend. Here is his story…

“After two years’ worth of study at Queen’s Theological College in Edgbaston, I and five colleagues were recently licensed as Anglican Lay Ministers. The licensing was part of the larger annual service that celebrates the ministry in Worcester Diocese of all Licensed Lay Ministers (or Readers as they are otherwise known). It was a very strange experience to watch the Cathedral fill up, knowing that the majority of the people there had come to join in with the celebration of the six of us. After making sure that our families knew where their seats were, we then gathered in the Chapter House to robe for the first time. There was palpable excitement as we watched each other and saw the people we had trained with put on their cassocks and surplices. A Reader wears a blue scarf rather than a Stole, and unlike Clergy (who have different colours for the Liturgical Seasons) ours is always blue. We were to be presented with these as part of the service. Once robed, we then went off to swear our declarations, and returned to the Chapter House to line up with Readers and Clergy for the procession into the Cathedral. The procession met with the Bishops and Acolytes in the Cloisters, where Bishop John blessed the gathering, and we were off. I’ve been to a lot of services in the Cathedral, but this was my first time in the procession. The Cathedral had filled up a lot more in the time I’d been in the Chapter House, and it was fantastic to see so many friends and members of my congregation there.

Once in our pews, the service started with hymn and prayer, then I was doing a reading from the Book of Ezekiel. We sang the Townend version of the Lord’s my Shepherd, which is one of my favourites. One of my colleagues read from 1 Peter and a long established Reader read the Gospel. Although the readings were for the Saint’s Day of St Cyprian, they all fitted well with a Service for Readers: “I will seek the lost, and I will bring back the strayed”; “Glorify God because you bear this name” and “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them”. The Bishop of Leicester (who is also the Bishop of Readers) then preached a sermon on Interdependence: how we all fit together in society, but the sermon was also about leadership and how Readers manage the responsibilities they have. He pointed out that Jesus was concerned about those at the margins, and how they shouldn’t be forgotten. Bishop Martyn finished his sermon by saying “You are called to leadership, to encourage us all to look beyond our own borders and find God in our relationships, even our relationships with those ‘not like us’”

After this, there was the presentation of the candidates where questions were asked of us and our Clergy as to whether we were suitable candidates. Then we were admitted as Readers by being given a copy of the Bible and our Licence, after which he blessed us. We then joined the rest of the congregation for a Eucharist and at the end, we processed out of the Cathedral into the Cloister Garden photographs were taken, and then back into the Chapter House where tea and coffee was served and a chance to meet up with friends and family. The following day I preached the sermon at my parish church, for the first time in my robes, and highlighted the coincidence that the very first Bible talk I ever gave (in 1986) was on James chapter 3, which was also the reading for Sunday.”

OV appointed as new Chairman at Worcestershire CCC

We were delighted to hear that OV Fanos Hira (Os 80-87) has been appointed as the new Chairman of Worcestershire CCC.

Fanos, who has been a lifelong Worcestershire supporter, has been a member of the Worcestershire CCC Board since January 2016 and became the club’s Audit Group Chairman shortly afterwards. Fanos is delighted to be filling such a key role: “To be given the opportunity to be Chairman of this prestigious club is a tremendous honour.”

Worcestershire CCC (County Cricket Club) is one of eighteen first-class county clubs within the domestic cricket structure of England and Wales representing  the historic county of Worcestershire.

Fanos is also a trustee of the King’s School Development Trust. Many congratulations Fanos!

Archive Anecdotes

An undoubted highlight for OV visitors is meeting Archivist Harriet Patrick, and seeing what school day snippets can be discovered. It was lovely to see Alan Bufton (Ch 49-57) back at King’s this week, and Alan thoroughly enjoyed meeting Harriet with Head of Alumni Relations, Sophie. Harriet and Sophie were delighted to hear Alan’s memories of his school days, and to see the photographs he had kept from his time at King’s. Harriet was also very happy to share some photographs she had found, and Alan, who played for the 1st XI, could impressively still name most of his Cricket and Hockey teammates. Harriet also found many mentions of Alan in the Vigornian magazines, winning a reading prize in 1950 and also his performance in a play in 1951. Alan was especially delighted to read a review of his cricket in 1954 where he was described as a ‘bright spot’ and ‘vastly improved’.

Here is one of the wonderful photos of the 1st X1 from 1957 including Alan!

OV Tour of School

David Shrimpton (Br 55-63) and his wife, Phoebe had booked a school tour and visited King’s on a stunning autumn afternoon this week.  Liz Elliott, Development Director, really enjoyed showing David and Phoebe around the original school buildings; they climbed up their stairs into Edgar Tower to visit Harriet Patrick, King’s School Archivist and David recalled his study being in Edgar Tower in the 1960s.  A look in College Hall was where David saw his uncle’s name on the Honours Boards: Arthur P Shrimpton (Ca 1932), who gained an exhibition to go to Birmingham University to study Civil Engineering.

David and Phoebe were interested in seeing some of the newer additions to school and enjoyed a look into School House Library and the Michael Baker Boathouse, where David was very impressed with the beautiful architecture as well as the vast number of boats used by the current pupils.  The Keyes Building was also admired and David enjoyed seeing the McClatchey Climbing Wall, having mountaineering experience of his own, climbing with his son in America, where David has lived since 1967.  Being a scientist, David was keen to take a look into the Winslow Building where he had spent much of his latter schooldays, studying Chemistry and Physics at A level, as well as Maths.  The photo is taken in front of what David knew as the ‘Reading Room’, now renamed the Chappel Memorial Room.  It was a real pleasure for Liz to meet David and Phoebe and the Development & Alumni Relations team always enjoy welcoming OVs back to King’s for a tour of school.

Radio Appeal for WW1 & WW2 OVs

Mark Rogers (featured OV news 10th August) is wriitng a book on OVs who fought in WW1 and WW2 and was interviewed on Friday 14th September on BBC Hereford and Worcester. Mark is asking for any information about OVs who fought in the wars and especially for photographs. His interview can be found here and begins around 1hr 36 minutes into the broadcast. If you have any information please do email the School Archivist Harriet Patrick at who is working alongside Mark on this fantastic project.