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16 May

Open the door to King’s…


Open the door to King’s …….

College Hall door is iconic, a symbol of King’s School. 

Generations of OVs have passed through the doors of College Hall to attend weekly assemblies, music concerts, drama productions, quizzes and debates and of course, to sit those all-important exams at the end of their time at King’s.

King’s Bursary Appeal is using the door of College Hall to symbolise the wealth of opportunities that King’s offers.

Throughout its history King’s has always sought to be socially inclusive – going back to its foundation in 1541 by Henry VIII.  We want these opportunities to be available to all able and aspiring children, regardless of their background. 

Steeped in history, we now look to the future and we know that King’s bursaries really do change lives!

Look out for our ‘Open the door’ bursary brochures arriving with you soon and be a part of this life-changing project!