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1 April

Outstanding Award for this OV

Congratulations to OV Jackie Stevenson (Co 85-86) who has just received the Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Marketing at the Global Women in Marketing Awards 2021.

The awards recognise women making a difference and ‘building back better’ in the marketing industries across the world.

Ade Onilude, Founder and CEO of Women in Marketing said, “This year’s winners demonstrate the very best of our industry. We continue to be inspired by these women who transform marketing even at a time when women’s roles in the workplace and home were challenged globally.”

Jackie is hugely successful in her industry and is currently Global CEO of The Brooklyn Brothers, a creative agency that she founded in London with three partners in 2008. She was also President of an organisation called Women in Advertising & Communications Leadership (WACL) for 2020-21. WACL brings together 250 of the UK’s most powerful women in Marketing, Advertising, Communications and the Creative Industries. Its purpose is to accelerate Gender Equality across the UK sector and inspire the next generation of women to enter the industry and become future leaders.

Jackie Stevenson Award

Commenting specifically on Jackie’s award, the judges said, “A pioneer in the truest sense of the word and a true champion of the industry, she revolutionised WACL, turning it into a credible campaigning organisation with the #flexiblefirst campaign providing a framework of fairness and equality to the industry. She successfully lobbied the UK government to reinstate gender pay gap reporting. Brooklyn Brothers Night School is making tangible impacts and inroads into diversifying the industry’s talent pool.”

Speaking about her award, Jackie added, “To be recognised with all these amazing women is truly a dream, but now to be a part of a network of leaders making real differences in their companies and industries around the world is incredibly powerful. There’s so much more we can achieve when we all work together.”

Many congratulations, Jackie, on this fantastic recognition of your work.