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5 June

OV achieves FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine

Many congratulations to OV Martyn Bowles (Cr 07-14) who has just completed his FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine. Martyn decided to use lockdown as an opportunity to further educate himself in different areas of his profession.

The course is specifically for medical professionals or physiotherapists in the football industry to broaden their knowledge on football related issues. Modules include protocols, injury rehab, bone/muscle structures and understanding what to do with concussion, all bone and muscle injuries, injury prevention, nutrition, mental health, and lots more – 42 modules in total.

Martyn says, “I wanted to better understand how the body works, what I can expect from my players but more importantly, know when you’re pushing someone too much, the scientific and structural damage you could be contributing to if you don’t listen to your players. I’d highly recommend anyone to push themselves outside their comfort zones, engage in online courses because you never know who you’re going to meet one day and they may offer you your dream job because they saw that quality in you. Obviously, it’s been a terrible time and I’m extremely sorry for those who have lost family members but grateful to all the key workers who have kept our country safe and continue to do so.

Having been a keen rugby player and athlete at King’s Worcester a lot of my previous tutors, teachers and peers would have expected me to go down the sport industry route but I don’t think anyone would have expected me to go into football!”

Martyn recently complete his Master’s Degree in Sports Coaching and Pedagogy from Cardiff Metropolitan University in January as well as securing a place on the UEFA A Licence / Elite Youth Licence football coaching badge that started on Tuesday evening this week. Great work Martyn!

Martyn Bowles OV on football pitch