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3 April

OV advice for pets during Coronavirus lockdown

We were delighted to get in touch with OV Karen Wild (née Gordon) (Co 87-89) this week to get her insight into how to help our pets through the Coronavirus outbreak. Karen is a Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist working with dogs and cats with behaviour problems ranging from issues such as barking, anxiety, phobias to severe aggression. She has been self-employed with her business, ‘Pawprint Pets’ in the field of pet training and behaviour for over twenty years.

OV Karen Wild with Dog Pickles

After King’s School, Karen went on to Nottingham University where she gained a degree in Psychology as well as a Diploma in Applied Psychology. Karen now works in clinical practice on Vet referral and provides guest lectures for animal behaviour undergraduates, teaches Vets and Vet nurses about best practice for behavioural interventions, as well as public speaking/conferences etc. Karen has been on TV, radio and writes for eight pet magazines for consumers and pet trade including being the resident contributor on dog training and behaviour for ‘Dogs Today’ magazine for almost 10 years.

Help for Coronavirus/Covid-19 lockdown

Karen has just put together a YouTube Channel playlist with ‘activity videos’ for dogs in lockdown which can be found here:  Activities for dogs playlist

Here are Karen’s quick tips for looking after our pets during this difficult time:

  • Try and give your pets a routine which helps things stay predictable and calm
  • Provide space to retreat to when ‘at-home’ family life all gets a bit much
  • Increase training activities to keep them occupied at home
  • At some point you will be returning to work, so prepare in advance for this by not allowing your pet to constantly occupy your lap or follow you about. ‘Alone time’ is an important part of their day too.
  • You can still ring your Vet or Behaviourist with any concerns about your pet, even though we are currently avoiding non-essential visits. We can still speak to you by phone.

Karen also advises that if your pet has behavioural or training issues it’s essential to choose a qualified professional from the register here. Karen has authored several books on dogs and cats and has lots of other resources and tips. Karen can be contacted directly on if OVs would like more help.