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10 January

OV Footballers on top form against King’s 1st XI

Saturday 4th January saw an excellent opportunity to clear away the Christmas cobwebs as the annual OV vs current 1st XI football fixture took place. The recent heavy rain unfortunately meant that the King’s fields were not in use so the match was played at the West Worcester Youth Football Club.

The OVs who played were Cameron Stanley-Blakeley (S 10-17), Angus Guthrie (Cr 10-17), George Fradgley (Cl 15-17), Sam Lowe (W 11-18), Cameron Hall (K 15-17), Will Price (B 12-17), Cameron Mathewson (Cr 11-18), James Arnold (K 10-17), Richard Newton (K 15-17), Sean Jarvis (S 11-18), Archie Humpage (K 10-17), Ollie Geach (W 17-19), Ali Robb (K 12-19), Toby Platt (K 11-19), and Tom Gidney (S 11-18).

Both sides were delighted to see each other and everyone played well with some fantastic goals scored from each team. The OVs showed that they have kept up their sport, fitness and enjoyment of the game since leaving King’s, securing an impressive a 5-2 win by the final whistle. The OVs enjoyed a curry after the game with former teachers and coaches Jon Sarriegui (Hon OV), who organises this annual fixture and Mark Poole (Hon OV) as well as OVs Joe Sullivan (Ca 12-18), Will Hood (W 11-18) and Sam Garland (Cr 12-18).

King's Alumni OV Football match curry 2020