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21 May

OV in ‘Monday Mindset’

King’s Worcester students receive a regular Mindset newsletter from Dr Kate Mason, the School’s Clinical Psychologist. In the most recent edition of Monday Mindset, the focus was on helping to improve both understanding and awareness of eating disorders, alongside what support can be offered. We welcomed OV Charlotte (Charly) Sidaway’s (S 07-14) contribution to this edition, drawing on her own experiences.

Charly provided some thoughtful mantras for the newsletter to help the readers keep a positive mindset, as well as a link to her blog ‘Authenticity and True Self’. These included:

  • Where your focus goes, your energy flows – focus on gratitude for what you have already and think positively about who you are now and what you want to aspire to in life (then go and get it!)
  • You have thoughts, but you are not your thoughts – and they definitely don’t have to run the show.

Charly is currently the manager of Soul Sanctuary Corporate Outreach and yoga teacher at Soul Sanctuary Studios, but her passion for health, psychology and yoga comes from her own recovery from anorexia through her teenage years.

Charly added, “Today, there is a huge pressure for young people to fit a mould; to ‘look’ a certain way, to ‘have’ certain things, to ‘strive’ for certain achievements often fuelled by filtered, ‘perfected’ realities of what they see through the media instead of actually focussing on what they really want in life and what they truly value. I feel the more time individuals can focus on their own talents, curiosities and ambitions the happier in their own skin will become and they will be more aligned and clear with their purpose.

“If I had advice for my younger self, it would be to be ok with making mistakes, trust the process of twists and turns that life throws at us and to drop the comparison with others – as all that just steals the joy from life!”

We were also delighted to feature Charly as our OV of the Week earlier this year during Wellness Week.

We’d like to add our thanks to Charly for helping to support current King’s students navigate the minefield of mental health.

OV Charlotte Sidaway