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13 August

OV in Pole Position for the Future of Racing

OV Tom Yates (W 99-06) has just unveiled the product of years of hard work: the first fully electric race car, designed, engineered and built in Britain: The McMurtry Spéirling

OV in Pole Position for the Future of Racing McMurtry

A feat of engineering, the second-generation prototype was introduced to the public at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last month, to unwavering critical acclaim. Rory Reid, of Autotrader and Top Gear fame, called the McMurtry a ‘revolutionary bit of kit’ and an ‘incredible bit of machinery’.

Tom was previously at Mercedes in Formula 1, when he was approached by Sir David McMurtry to create a new business to develop the Spéirling, which has subsequently been in secret development for three years prior to the unveiling at Goodwood.

Tom is not alone on the project, joined by his team of engineers and development drivers, five-time Le Mans winner OV Derek Bell MBE (S 56-58) and 2015 British Hillclimb Champion Alex Summers (not an OV but we won’t hold that against him!).

OV in Pole Position for the Future of Racing Derek bell

It was through the OV family that Tom and Derek connected, leading to this great team that has produced an electric track car capable of doing over 200mph and is simulated to do 0-186mph in under 9 seconds – especially if Derek is behind the wheel! Derek kindly chose to help the team on the basis of also being an OV and has been invaluable to the development of the car. The team are very grateful to have the support of one of motorsport’s all-time greats!

Tom added: “I don’t think I could be in this exciting position if it hadn’t also been for Eric Lummas(Hon OV) steadfast support when I was at King’s Worcester. He was an incredibly strong influence at school, inspiring me and giving me the confidence to go forward. He really did give 110% in his help in DT and for my sometimes ambitious designs!”

OV in Pole Position for the Future of Racing Tom Yates

Tom (middle) with OVs Jon Cranton (Cr 01-06) and Edward Bales (Cl 96-06) at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

We’re looking forward to seeing a lot more of the McMurtry Spéirling!