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24 January

OV launches King’s new radio station- Update

As promised here is the follow-up from last week’s OV news about OV Louise Gwilliam (K 03-10) coming back to King’s to help launch the brand new King’s radio station, The King’s Voice.

Louise took part in a brilliant interview and was quizzed by pupils on a variety of subjects including which rugby team she supported and what other sports she enjoys, her memories of King’s. Louise was also asked for tips for pupils on how to get into the sports journalism field. At the end of the show, Louise also took part in ‘Two truths and a lie’. She was asked to say two true things about herself and one lie and they put the options on social media platform Twitter to see if people could guess correctly. The choices were: Louise was told off by Eddie Jones, Louise was Head of Kittermaster House and Louise was a Welsh rugby winger. The lie was the final option, Louise has never played on the wing for Wales!

You can listen to her full interview here.

The Launch was a huge success and a huge thank you to Louise for all her time. We look forward to listening to more exciting shows on The King’s Voice in the following weeks.

Louise Gwilliam The King's Voice