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17 September

OV Medic Talk

We are so very grateful to medical student and OV Sarah Allen-Griffiths (Cl 12-19), whom we welcomed back to School virtually to talk to those U6 in the process of applying for medical school themselves.

Sarah generously took some time out of her third year studies at the University of Liverpool to give U6 pupils advice, guidance and tools to help them achieve a stronger chance of a successful result from the long and arduous medical school application process.

As Sarah explained: “Medical applications are like the 100m hurdles: a lot of obstacles to get over in a relatively short time!”

OV Medic Talk Sarah Allen-Griffiths

The application process was broken down into the three main phases covering A Level grades, aptitude tests, and the medical school interviews. Sarah went into detail for each, providing some great tips and techniques, as well as what to do if you don’t quite get the results wanted, or needed, at each stage.

Many thanks to Sarah for her time and such fantastic advice; the U6 hugely appreciated the guidance, which has taken a lot of the fear and uncertainty out of the application process.