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17 April

OV poem to mark historic time

headshot of OV Jonathan Haydn-Williams


We were very moved by this poem written by OV Jonathan Haydn-Williams (S 70-75) which expresses the atmosphere of lockdown and the essence of good-will that is emerging in these strange times.

It could be Christmas Day



It could be Christmas Day:

streets deserted, people in their homes.

But the holly berries are gone and

daffodils shine yellow in the grass.

The air doesn’t crackle with December frost,

but with foreboding.


Those who greet each other

keep their distance.

Hands remain unshaken:

no hugs or Christmas kisses

under mistletoe.

The virus has cleared the pubs.


There’s been no tinsel or celebration.

No shoppers seeking fripperies,

but only bread and toilet rolls.

No lusty carols sung or lessons read

about goodwill to fellow men.


Instead there’s real goodwill,

expressed by acts of kindness and concern.

People help each other:

goodness is revealed

by common cause of being human.


Viruses do not discriminate

on grounds of race or creed:

to them we are one tribe.


This day, more than any Christmastide,

the message of goodwill to all rings clear.