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20 September

OV Professions – Law

Our series of OV Professions Groups continued last week with a very pleasant event involving those OVs who are working in the Legal profession.  Liz Elliott, King’s Development Director, met with a number of OVs and the evening created an ideal opportunity for those OVs working in this sector to exchange experiences and common ground and for a few of our newly qualified OV lawyers to hear from OVs who have a very large experience of working in the field of Law.  There was some super feedback after the evening – “The set up was perfect- nice and informal and easy to chat to everyone” – and a real feeling that meeting up with like-minded OVs is a fun and informative way of connecting with others who have King’s as their common link.  Those who were able to join Liz for drinks and nibbles on the evening were: Natasja Enthoven (W 14-19) just about to start her Law degree in Durham), Ed Cumming (Br 90-01), Jonathan Haydn-Williams (S 70-75), Chris Paul (K 82-92), Paul Renney (Cr 78-80), Leanne Sheen (W 99-06), Will Smith (Br 93-04), Emmie Le Marchand (Cl 03-10) and Georgie Davis (S 08-15).

There was a lot of interest in this particular Professions Group and we will be looking to hold another informal networking occasion in the New Year.  Please contact us if you would like to be invited, on