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5 March

OV through to the next round of Spark Contest

OV Rebecca LaneRebecca Lane (Os 05-12) is a business modelling consultant at Energy Systems Catapult and she has recently taken part in the Spark Contest and has successfully gained a place to the next round. Rebecca works with innovators to develop business models for low carbon products and services, in order to help achieve our national Net Zero targets.

The Spark Contest is a Franco-British innovation competition that invites entrants to challenge the energy sector by sharing new and creative ideas. It challenges those in the next generation to have the courage to make us all think differently and to inspire us to act with conscience. The contest develops and encourages young people to play a part in the UK and France journey to becoming zero-carbon.

“The world continues to race into a climate emergency and if we aren’t looking ahead then we will soon fall behind. We believe that there is no idea too big or small and who better to change the world than those who will inherit it”. Spark Contest.The Spark Contest

The idea that Rebecca and her teammate put forward, is to make the terms of new energy services and products more accessible to consumers, empowering them to understand what is being provided and what data is being collected.  They are now finalists in the competition!

This is a fantastic and very exciting achievement. Best of luck Rebecca in the next round, we very much are looking forward to hearing how you get along.