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28 January

OV’s Words for Well-being

This week, the School held a Well-being Wednesday and we thought it was only right to extend this to OVs too. OV Liz Havard (K 92-99), who owns and runs The Farm Studio near Crowle, which offers clients specialist Pilates and soft tissue treatments to address their training, lifestyle or rehab needs, helped with these words of well-being:

“My son picked up that gorgeous book by Charlie Mackesy, The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse and we flicked through some of the pages together yesterday. It reminded me of what has seemed so key to our well-being, in our little family and my business over the last 2 years – connection. That human connection, the social exchange, the care, the time, and old-fashioned kindness is what has sewn us all together and really supported a sense of personal well-being.

“When we opened the studio doors to our clients after lockdown, we knew we could help clients improve their strength and mobility as they gain confidence in their bodies, but it’s the connection to each other, the sense of togetherness in the class or the support of an instructor that makes the real difference to well-being and ensures continuity.

“Those positive exchanges and a natural kindness to others can act as our own self-care or mindfulness practice; we are never more present than when engaged positively with those we care about. So, this week, if you are thinking about your well-being, why not make that call and connect with an old friend, go on that walk with a colleague, join that class, make those healthy snacks to share with a friend or just get outdoors and try to pass some kindness on to improve your well-being and of course those around you too – enjoy!”

Wellbeing Liz Havard

Thank you, Liz, for these thoughtful words for well-being.