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10 December

Oxbridge OVs return

With some of our current students and most recent OVs preparing for their Oxbridge interviews coming up over the next week or two, it was a pleasure to welcome back to King’s a number of OVs currently studying at ether Oxford or Cambridge who were kind enough to pass on their thoughts and advice on the interview process. With OVs representing both Universities and a variety of subjects including Engineering, French & Spanish and Biochemistry, they certainly had lots of useful tips and hints to give our current applicants on what to expect. The OVs who visited to take part in the session were Isobel Cree (Cr 17-19), Theo Osmond (Br 11-18), Tom Hale (Cl 12-19), Andrew Salkeld (Cl 11-18), Jia Jie Huang (S 12-19), Sophie Mackay (Cl 10-17) and Sam Martyn-Smith (Cl 12-19).

Head of Alumni Relations, Sophie, was delighted to welcome the OVs afterwards for coffee and it was lovely to be joined by Academic Deputy Head, Duncan King (Hon OV) and Acting Headmaster, Jon Ricketts (Hon OV), who the OVs were thrilled to be able to see. Duncan and Jon were very pleased to have the opportunity to hear how the OVs are enjoying life at their respective Universities and on their courses. As always, a huge thank you to all our OVs who so kindly share their experiences; helping advise, inspire and mentor current pupils here at King’s.


Oxbridge OVs 2019 (Full width Image)