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7 December

The King’s School – 480th Anniversary of Re-foundation by Henry VIII

On Tuesday 7th December 2021, The King’s School will mark its 480th anniversary of its re-foundation by King Henry VIII. King’s archivist, Harriet Patrick, has shared the following information with us about the School’s founding history:

In January 1541 the Worcester Benedictine monks gave up their priory to King Henry VIII in obedience to an Act of Parliament, which dissolved the last of the monasteries across the country.

On 7 December 1541, King Henry VIII nominated and appointed John Pether as schoolmaster of the new “Cathedral Collegiate church” at Worcester. The school at King’s opened in 1542 and King Henry’s charter for the new school included the provision for 40 King’s Scholars and ten choristers. As a condition of entry, boys had to be able to recite from memory the Lord’s Prayer, the Angelus, the Apostles’ Creed and the Ten Commandments.

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