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19 November

All Tied up on Ridley Road

Many thanks to eagle-eyed OV Barney Burnham (Ch 59-69), who, while catching up on BBC iPlayer, spotted something a little familiar: OV ties!

It was in the first episode of the BBC drama Ridley Road, where one of the characters is wearing an old OV tie as he sits down to a family meal. Shortly after, we are taken to a tailor’s shop, where, in the window, one of the mannequins is similarly garbed.

Ridley Road

Although to many people watching Ridley Road the ties will be an insignificant feature, it is lovely for us to see our OV colours hitting ‘the silver screen’!

Ridley Road

Don’t forget to get in touch with us at, like Barney did, if you have any OV related news.