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7 January

Andrew Kneen: In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the death of Andrew Kneen (Hon OV), former Head of Art at King’s Worcester. Andrew served the King’s community for 11 years from 1972-1983 and no doubt many will remember his tutoring and support. A funeral will be held at noon on Saturday 15th January 2022. The service will also be transmitted via Zoom. If you would like further details of the funeral or wish to attend virtually please do email us .

Andrew Kneen

Peter Baseley (Hon OV) shared these thoughts with us: “Andrew died a few days after his 90th birthday, which he celebrated in hospital. I personally will remember him for the speed at which he painted and the fund of obscure knowledge for which the crossword puzzlers were often grateful. For me his painting of 8 full size portraits of actors in costume for the school production of “Ruddigore” will remain his finest hour. He did two at a time as well as teaching on four afternoons.

“Andrew contributed to life in Whitbourne via the garden society, planning the new village hall, commenting on planning applications, as footpaths officer, sign writing for various village organisations and reporting on Parish Council meetings in the parish magazine, doing the latter up to December 2021. In a quirk of fate we found ourselves working together again on the village pantomime; knowing how fast he could work I never had any fears about the size of the ‘canvases’ I presented him with as scenery. I also know his U3A lectures were much admired.”

Our thoughts are with Andrew’s widow Myrtle and all his family and friends at this time.