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24 September

Danke schön to this OV

Our thanks go out to OV Edd Peckston (K 10-17) who kindly came back to King’s this week to talk not only to the U6 Germanists, but also to the U6 Oxbridge entrants and even help with a Lower Remove lesson!

A linguist himself, Edd moved on from King’s to join Brasenose College, University of Oxford, to study German. He is now in the midst of a law conversion course, as Edd noted, “a route many linguists take”.

Edd spoke eloquently to Rachel Rutter’s (Hon OV) U6 class about the benefits of studying a language – then as Rachel’s next lesson was with the Lower Removes, Edd took the opportunity to relive his days as a Teaching Assistant in Germany.

Danke schön Edd Peckston Rachel Rutter and U6

After lunch, Edd joined the U6 pupils who are currently applying for language or dual degree with a language via Oxbridge. They were very grateful for Edd’s time helping them get a better understanding of the Oxbridge process, including some useful interview techniques.

When asked about his day, Edd commented: “It was a pleasure to come back to school and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with the next generation of King’s Germanists and linguists. It was great to see my ‘old’ teachers, Richard Ball (Hon OV) and Rachel Rutter, as well!”

Danke schön Edd Peckston

Danke schön for your time, Edd!