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11 December

Exciting OV Charity Rally coming soon

We love how adventurous and generous our OV family are and we were very excited to find out about preparations for an OV charity rally due to take place next summer. OV Archie Jury (K 12-19) tells us more about their thrilling plans and how OVs can get involved…

After some disappointing travel this year, Kit Coleman (K 12-19) and I have signed up to the Mongol Rally. For those who have not heard of this event, it is a 10,000-mile charity rally across mountains, deserts and steppe, on roads ranging from bad to non-existent in a tiny 1000cc car. We aim to be leaving Worcester in early July and arriving in Ulan-Ude (north of Mongolia) a few weeks later (depending on traffic, border crossings and our ability to avoid colliding with a herd of yak). Over the coming months we would like to update the OV community on our planning and progress on the road through a series of monthly posts.

Given the current global uncertainty, on top of the logistical complexity of such an event, we would love to hear from the OV community directly with any advice. We have started thinking about our route, car and branding, as well as launching our sponsorship appeal. However, there is still a mountain of planning ahead of us, as well as massive decisions still to be made, for example our final team name, our second chosen charity, and whether or not we take the channel tunnel or ferry…

If you would like to follow our adventure in even more detail, please follow and share our Facebook page “Kit and Archie’s Mongol Rally Team”. We would also love to hear from you directly if you have any advice or would like further details. Please contact me via email –

Sain yavaarai!