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6 May

From Canada to King’s

On 3 May 2022, OV Peter Haynes (Cr 58-62 and King’s St Alban’s), along with his wife Linda, crossed the threshold back into King’s for the first time since Peter had completed his A Levels in 1962.

Currently living in Montreal, Peter was in the UK visiting family and wanted to take the opportunity to return to School having been inspired by a book about ageing. In it, the reader is asked to look back at influential places in their life, and ascertain if they would be happy to say, ‘that was my last time there’, or if indeed they wanted to return. Thus the journey back to Worcester!

While at King’s, Peter’s main love was the Science block, where he studied Physics and Chemistry A Level, spending most of his days in the labs. He thoroughly enjoyed re-tracing his steps and although the labs had been updated since his time, the views were mostly unchanged, and memories came flooding back.

Both Peter and Linda were impressed by the Keyes Building and the Michael Baker Boathouse and enjoyed seeing how the School has been evolving over the years.

He was, however, delighted to see that College Hall was exactly as he recalled it and had some wonderful memories of time spent in there for assemblies and music practice (with the impressive acoustics!).

Peter then returned to Choir House, where he had boarded. Peter did admit it was a bit strange to see his old prep room and common room now as classrooms, but this didn’t detract from the joy of being back.

Peter Haynes

After the tour, Peter said, “I had thought that just being in the playground area, looking at the old Science building, and wandering around the grounds would be enough to satisfy my curiosity (or is it nostalgia?) But both Linda and I found it very interesting and instructive to see how well the school seemed to be dealing with modern education, and it was a real pleasure to chat with the Chemistry and Physics teachers.”

It was great to show Peter and Linda around. If any OVs would like to return for a visit and a tour, please do get in touch with us in advance via so we can make the arrangements.