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19 June

From the Archives: History of College House

1977: Establishment of College House

College House, based at No. 15 College Green, was established as a boarding house for Sixth Form girls at King’s.

Six years earlier, in 1971, King’s had seen its first girls admitted into the Sixth Form, based at Number 14.  The first four girls to enter King’s in its 430-year history were Nicola Bradbear, Barbara Cookson, Catherine Hay and Alison Heath.  These girls’ arrival marked the start of a regular and growing intake of girls into the Sixth Form.  Mr. Annett (HM 1959-1979) would later describe the decision to admit girls as, ‘an entirely successful move’, undertaken to provide education for girls in subjects which ‘were not taught or not taught very well’ in girls’ schools.  The girls were based at the Headmaster’s House, under the care of his wife Romney Annett and, as they were all scientists, the tutelage of Keith Bridges.  Initially a private study was provided, but this was abandoned when the girls complained of feeling isolated from their classmates, and the girls were assigned to boys’ boarding houses for social activities and after-school study.

Number 15 College Green (The Guesten) was built in c.1745 over the sites of the almonry and the original Deanery.  In 1851, the house became the residence of the 5th Stall Canon of Worcester Cathedral.  The house later became the Deanery, before the Dean moved to Number 10 in 1976 and the school acquired a lease for the building; it was renamed “College House” at the suggestion of Richard Knight, King’s Second Master.  Little work was required to prepare Number 15 as accommodation for College House other than installation of additional showers: a small adjoining house, between Number 15 and Edgar Tower, had previously been converted into a garage with an apartment above by Dean Kemp; the garage was turned back into a sitting room for the boarders, and the flat integrated into College House.  (This part of the building, now known as 15A, is once again a separate residence.)  John and Caroline Roslington opened College House in September 1977, with 21 girls. Sarah and Stephan Le Marchand took over in 1992, and the house continued until the end of boarding in July 1999.

Number 15 College Green, home of College House 1977-1999

Number 15 College Green, home of College House 1977-1999

Photographed in 1992.