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5 November

Half Term OV Visit

During half term we were delighted to be visited by OV Alex Gratland (Cl 91-00), along with his two young daughters.

Alex was in Worcester for a visit over the half term holiday and wanted to take the opportunity to show his girls where he spent his own school days. Development Director Liz Elliott, herself an OV, and Development Assistant Amanda Sutcliffe, thoroughly enjoyed showing Alex and his daughters around the present day school site.

Half Term OV Visit Alex Gratland in Edgar Tower

During the visit, Alex retraced his steps up Edgar Tower into what was the library in his day but is now a Classics classroom and the Archives – a bonus as Alex was able to spot himself and his friends in a few of the school photos on the walls!

The tour also took in the impressive Michael Baker Boathouse, where Alex remembered his rowing days, then onto the Annett Building, the top floor of which Alex recalled being home to his Sixth Form common room, with fond memories of his housemaster, Stephan Le Marchand (Hon OV). A trip around School House followed, which is now home to the School Library and where Alex reminisced about his inspiring Maths lessons with recently departed Marc Roberts (Hon OV).

A quick look around the Keyes Building, which hadn’t existed in Alex’s time, drew the tour to a close.

Half Term OV Visit Alex Gratland with his kids

Commenting on the visit, Alex said, “It was lovely to be back and share fond memories and school locations with my girls. The developments since leaving in 2000 look amazing. My thanks to the Development team for a wonderful and nostalgic tour!”