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15 May

King’s Heroes: Thank you to our OV NHS Workers – Charley Wain

OV Charley Wain wearing PPEEach Thursday at 8pm we continue to join in with neighbours across the country to applaud our incredible NHS workers.

This week special thanks go to OV and children’s nurse Charley Wain (K 05-12).

Charley says, “I qualified in 2015 as a children’s nurse. I worked in Bristol at St Michael’s Hospital which was a level 3 neonatal intensive care unit. I came to Worcester in April 2016.

Currently I am a sister on the neonatal intensive care unit at Worcester Royal. I work as part of the ward team. I can find myself in charge where I have to prioritise workloads and allocate patients to staff . This is something that changes throughout the day as we can have admissions any time.

During Covid I have to maintain the safety of all staff and care for a variety of patients some of which have been suspected of Covid and therefore have needed to be isolated. This has meant at times I have to be in the room in full PPE with the babies for long periods of the day.

At the moment the Covid suspected babies are unable to have any visitors so we have had to develop ways of parents still seeing their babies and bonding. We have done this through facetime and video calls.

I am also required to occasionally help on the maternity Covid ward in order to administer antibiotics to babies. These are usually given by a Nurse and a Midwife if the baby is on a maternity ward.

OV Charley Wain with baby in NICUI also work as a sister on the neonatal community outreach team where we care for babies once they have been discharged from their hospital stay but still require nursing care e.g. home oxygen or nasogastric tube feeds.

We offer support to parents 24/7 and having to visit babies in their home environments has its added challenges at this current time. When in the community we again have to wear PPE to protect both ourselves and our patients.”

Thank you so much for all you are doing Charley.

We asked if there was anything we could do to help at this time and although they are fine Covid-wise, they are always grateful for bonding squares (2 in a set) one for mum and one for baby that they swap regularly. If you made an L shape with your thumb and forefinger with both hands that square is about the right size.