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4 December

Long-standing OV Committee member Roy Padden passes away

We were incredibly sad to hear of the passing of OV Roy Padden (Cl 46-52), a loyal and long-standing member of the OV Committee who has served the OV community and King’s School for many years.

Roy’s career was as an engineer, working for Waterchem Ltd, here in Worcester. He was also a Mason and proud of this tradition and he was involved with the Worcester branch.

Roy was an emeritus member of the OV Committee, having served for a number of decades in various roles including Chairman and OV Committee President. Roy provided a wise voice, drawing on much experience given his long years of service.  He and his wife Kathleen attended numerous King’s events and especially enjoyed coming to the OV Annual Dinner in College Hall, King’s Day in Worcester Cathedral and meeting up with their close King’s friends over the years.

Roy will be very much missed by all of us who had the pleasure to know him and our thoughts are with his widow, Kathleen and sons, Andrew (Br 76-79) and Chris (Br 74-79).