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25 September

Mystery Photo

This week we were thrilled to receive this photo, which shows, what we believe to be, two King’s School Worcester boys wandering in front of the cricketers at a Worcester vs Australia match in 1909. OV, Phil Mackie (Cl 73-83) had seen this photo online, posted by OV, Clive O’Donnell (Cl 70-77) and Phil asked us if we thought the boys might be from The King’s School.  This got our archivist, Harriet Patrick, digging for clues about the King’s School uniform during the early 1900s.

The following item in the School Archive describes The King’s School uniform during the early twentieth century,

The Worcester Cathedral King’s School prospectus from 1905 describes the school uniform as follows: “Dress: The authorised School Dress is the School Cap or Hat, Black Jacket, and plain Black or Dark Blue Tie.  The square College Cap in worn on Sundays.”

The second photograph, which shows the whole school from 1907, provides a good image of the uniform at the time. The photo of the two boys crossing the cricket pitch certainly seems to show boys in what was contemporary King’s School Worcester uniform: black jackets and trousers, and what looks like the Eton collar (which features in school photographs of the time).  The photo sent in by Phil appears to show the boys in what look like plus-fours (or short trousers), rather than trousers, which was the official school uniform.  However, looking at the whole school photograph from the School Archive it seems that some of the younger boys may be wearing shorter trousers than the older boys.

We welcome any thoughts you may have, or any information as to whether these lads may have been from The King’s School.

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Whole school photo 1907