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27 May

Opening the Door to King’s

We are thrilled to announce that OV Mark Haworth (Cl 81-88) has made a very generous donation to the School to support a bursary pupil during their seven years at King’s. Mark has been a wonderful benefactor to King’s in recent years and, through his existing bursarial donations, he recognises the life-changing opportunity that an education at King’s can provide.

Donations into The King’s School Development Trust, which are used to provide full bursaries, continue a long legacy of supporting children from our local area and we are enormously grateful for the philanthropy of those in our King’s family who believe in all that King’s can offer a young child.

King’s has a strong reputation for the pastoral support provided by our teachers and we are rightly proud of our pupils’ academic achievements and the vast range of extra-curricular activities into which they throw themselves; many such activities lead our pupils to choose careers in a wide variety of professions and industries.  All this is made possible for bursary pupils, who are able to attend King’s via the generosity of individuals such as Mark and we are extremely grateful for all donations to the Trust.

 If you would like to know more about supporting pupil bursaries, please contact Liz Elliott, call 01905 721737, or click here for further details on how to make a donation.


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