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9 April

OV Article on Heathrow expansion policy

Headshot of OV Emmie Le MarchandWith all the coronavirus news recently it was great to read a virus-free article by OV Emmie Le Marchand (Cl 03-10) on the recent Court of Appeal decision regarding the Heathrow expansion policy. The full article can be read here and it is very interesting to read how businesses will have to change to become more climate conscious in the future.

Emmie says, “As a litigator who has also been working with climate change and sustainability issues, this case caught my eye as a significant decision for government, businesses and environmentalists.

My team’s normal practice is commercial litigation and global products law and we have for a significant period of time also been helping clients grapple with non-financial reporting and other environmental and sustainability considerations.

We are currently also receiving a high volume of COVID-19 related questions from clients looking to ensure they are doing the right things in the present circumstances for their staff, their businesses and for the general public.”