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20 March

OV Artist educates using VR

Georgia Tucker OV Conniveo

Congratulations to OV Georgia Tucker (Br 07-14) on her latest art exhibition Conniveo, a physical and VR installation, focusing on marine pollution; particularly plastic pollution, oil pollution and dead zones. The virtual environment explores a world that is a not too distant future if we continue consumerism at the rate we are.

Georgia says, “As an environmental artist, it was essential to continue focusing on topics close to my heart. The plastic pollution crisis is only getting worse and I have spent time with so many people who don’t understand the extent of it, especially being Midlands based where people don’t spend time with the ocean daily to witness the changes. People choose to be ignorant to what is being pushed in the media – whether it be a lack of understanding or laziness.

Through my work I hope to show people the disturbing truth and a very real future, unless things change. VR engages people in a way that is both new and exciting. For many it is still their first interaction with these technologies so this in itself encourages people to partake in my work for longer than the average (4 seconds) before moving on. This is obviously extremely important when focusing on environmental issues. Developing the VR with the help of Hoare Lea and also putting together a physical installation took a lot of planning but with over 400 people visiting in the opening weekend, it was definitely worth it all!”

It looks incredible and you can find out more information on how Georgia got involved with VR here.