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10 September

OV Artists Opening Up

Head of Art at King’s Worcester, Chris Haywood (Hon OV), had the pleasure of visiting a new art exhibition this weekend featuring work from not one but two OV artists: Conrad Clarke (Ch 01-08) and Alice Walter (Br 99-07).

OV artists Conrad Clarke and Alice Waters

The exhibition was marking the launch of a new gallery and exhibition space, called Spring Cheltenham, which has been established by Conrad to provide a springboard for artists to connect directly to their audience.

Both strong and talented artists while at School, Conrad has recently won the Emerging Artist prize in the Jackson Painting Prize as well as being featured in Cotswold Living magazine. The gallery is the next step in his career to help all artists.

OV artists Conrad Clarke painting

Alice completed her MA at Oxford University and is currently focusing on her art full time through a range of mediums including sculpture and video.

When asked about the exhibition, Alice commented: “I’m incredibly proud of Conrad’s achievement in opening Spring Cheltenham artist-run gallery. I felt honoured to exhibit work there alongside Chris Haywood – whose encouragement and forward-thinking towards art at King’s Worcester is something that I will always be grateful for.”

OV Artists Alice Waters Sculpture

Conrad added: “I have the privilege of knowing lots of amazing artist and creative people like Alice, and I’m all too familiar with the trouble of finding good places in which to exhibit work, so the dream with Spring was to create a beautiful space in a great location, that would enable talented artist and creators from across the UK to showcase their work, either in one of our curated group show or self-representing solo exhibitions. It’s been a crazy few months, renovating our Grade II listed building, but I couldn’t be happier with the finished space and the artwork in our opening exhibition.”