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11 June

OV Author’s Gift

We are very grateful to OV Ranga Chand (S 58-64) who has kindly donated a copy of his latest book, For the Record – 2009-2012, Essays on the Global Economy & World Financial Markets to the Economics Department at King’s Worcester. It was fantastic to be able to present the book to the L6 Economics & Business students, many of whom fondly remember Ranga from his visit to King’s in 2018 as our Barnabas speaker.

L6 June 2021 with Ranga Chand's new book

An internationally renowned Economist and Financial author, Ranga’s esteemed career to date has included senior public sector roles in Canada, a private sector position in a stock brokerage firm, teaching Economics at University, and he was also a television presenter with multi-million viewer figures for his weekly show, ‘Talking Mutual Funds with Ranga Chand’.

In 2018, we invited Ranga to join The Barnabas Group, which is for distinguished OVs who have excelled in their chosen profession. When he came to School to be presented with his Barnabas Shield, Ranga gave an inspiring Address in College Hall (which you can listen to here). We were so very appreciative as he also spent time with King’s St Alban’s students, to help them understand about economics. He also gave talks to Sixth Form students and additionally a Careers Talk.

This latest book explores the Great Recession of 2007-2008, a crisis that caused complete economic upheaval around the world. The book brings together a series of essays that Ranga wrote for his corporate clients from 2009 to 2012, analysing the impact and fallout of the Great Recession worldwide and also looking at the responses of the banks and governments. Ranga is delighted the book is now out and available on Amazon. He said to Head of Alumni Relations, Sophie, “it kept me busy during these extraordinary times!”

Ranga Chand 2021

We can’t thank Ranga enough for helping to inspire so many King’s Worcester students over the years.