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1 October

OV Clive’s Choral Contribution

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome OV Clive Marks (S 69-74) back to King’s on 23rd September.

Clive, a dentist by trade but also a passionate singer and performer with an impressive repertoire of performances to his name (and a Grammy!), was generously handing over the ‘Marks Choral Collection’ of musical scores and programmes. Clive had previously sent the school an accompanying 140-page bound compendium of musical recollections and performances, which was covered in a previous article that you can read here. Director of Music at King’s, Simon Taranczuk (Hon OV), was most grateful on behalf of current and future pupils at King’s to receive this incredible collection and the accompanying notes and recollections of when Clive had performed them.

OV Clive's Choral Contribution clive marks

Clive joined Simon, Head of Alumni Relations, Sophie Borillo-McLellan, Director of Development, Liz Elliott, and Headmaster Gareth Doodes for coffee where he could share his memories of days at King’s and also hear about the School today, especially the musical life. A tour of School involved trips into College Hall, Castle House (The Music School), School House where Clive boarded, the Boathouse and Keyes Building. A trip to meet Archivist Harriet Patrick was a highlight as she was able to unearth photographs, articles and registers for Clive and also his father Guy Marks (S 41-44). Clive was thrilled to see a programme for the Mikado (1971), as he had performed in it and had printed the programme on the school’s Victorian press.

OV Clive's Choral Contribution clive marks

At lunch, Clive joined staff and pupils along with fellow OV dentist Rupert Monkhouse (Ch 05-12) in the Vigornian Room. The pupils were a mixture of potential medics, dentists and musicians who enjoyed thoroughly hearing Clive and Rupert’s King’s and professional experiences.

OV Clive's Choral Contribution clive marks

We cannot thank Clive enough for his amazing donation; a truly astounding and impressive collection of musical resources and memories that will support our young King’s musicians in the years to come.