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17 January

OV friends enjoy Festive Reunion

One of the best things about King’s is the strong friendships that form and we were delighted to help out with a recent OV reunion for a group of friends. The reunion was superbly organised by OV Sam Garland (Cr 12-18) who gathered lots of his year group together, many of whom were back in Worcester enjoying a break from University.

Sam said “First of all I would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of all the boys and myself to the OV Alumni Relations Office for helping us to organise such a successful reunion. Everyone had a great time and it was the perfect way to start the festive period, by catching up with friends and hearing about how everyone is settling into life post King’s. Whilst also having some laughs remembering our time together at school.’

OVs in attendance were Adam Brotherwood (K 11-18), Cameron Mathewson (Cr 11-18) , Ed Price (Os 11-18), George Francis (Cr 11-18), Jack Matthews (K 11-18), James Austin (Os 16-18), Joe Sullivan (Ca 12-18), Will Hood (W 11-18), Noah Crampton (S 11-18), Robin Willis (K 11-18), Tom Gidney (S 11-18), Hugo Walton (S 11-18), Sam Galvin (W 16-18), Sean Jarvis (S 11-18) and Ed Burgoyne (Cl 12-19). 

Sam Garland OV reunion Dec 2019