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19 June

OV in important COVID-19 Research App

OV Jack Hampson headshotThere have been some wonderful good news stories to emerge even in these challenging times and we were delighted to hear that OV Jack Hampson (Cr 01-03)’s firm, Deeper Insights, has launched a free COVID-19 research discovery app.

Jack is CEO and Co-Founder of Deeper Insights (previously known as Skim Technologies) and was inspired to develop the platform by his sister’s own experience of COVID-19 in her role as a consultant at King’s College Hospital in London.

The app allows researchers and medical professionals to search tens of thousands of published research papers on COVID-19 to help them quickly find the information they need.

Jack says, “So many brave souls have put their lives on the line to help during the pandemic, and we wanted to do something of our own. With so much research being released around the noval coronavirus, we wanted to help researchers and clinicians to search and understand the most important information, hence our pro-bono work on developing the Covid Insights Platform that automatically links drugs and symptoms using AI. Now being tested by NHS trusts as well as more internationally by governments in Indonesia and Armenia. I’m very proud of the work my team have put into this project.”