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1 October

OV Makes a Good Impression

OV Rupert Monkhouse (Ch 05-12 and King’s St Alban’s) had a two-step visit when he came back to King’s recently; having joined forces with dentist and OV Clive Marks (S 69-74) for lunch with pupils and staff, Rupert then moved on to revisit his old prep school, King’s St Alban’s.

A practising dentist, Rupert generously gave his time to talk to Year 3 (7/8 year old) pupils to help them with their science projects on teeth and how to keep them healthy. You can read all about it here.

OV Makes a Good Impression Rupert Monkhouse

Head of Alumni Relations, Sophie Borrillo-McLellan, thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Rupert post ‘lockdown’, hearing about his experiences during this time and also about the profession now the industry has opened up. It was also wonderful to hear about the success and growth of ‘Impression Club Live’, a series of dentistry-based videos and interviews that Rupert hosts on Instagram.

We are very fortunate as Rupert often returns to King’s St Alban’s to help pupils gain a better understanding of dental hygiene in an age-appropriate way; he also talks to pupils in the Senior School who are interested in a career in dentistry, giving them an insight into the profession.

Many thanks, Rupert!