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27 January

OV on BBC Radio 4 talking about critical work during the Pandemic

Adam PapaphiloppopoulosThe Pandemic has caused pressures on numerous areas of UK society and so many members of the King’s family are doing their bit to look out for their neighbours, none more so than OV Adam Papaphilippopoulos (W 91-01) who we were delighted to hear on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 17th January, talking about the work that his charity – First Love – does in helping people in London who are in crisis, with no money or food, to re-build their lives.

You can hear Adam talking to BBC Radio 4 presenter, Paddy O’Connell by clicking on this link here (Adam is at 36.02 minutes in).

Adam talked passionately about the current critical situation many people face, needing food parcels but he also focused on what causes the need – having no money – and the role of Universal Credit​.
His key message is for people to realise what is causing such desperation and that no one should never end up in such situations in the UK.

Adam is a qualified lawyer, having studied Law at Oxford University on leaving King’s in 2001 and later went on to UCL to undertake a Masters in Philosophy.  He is now Chief Operating Officer at First Love Foundation, a charity focused on helping people get themselves out of poverty permanently.

Adam was especially pleased that his message was aired to such a wide-reaching audience; he shared his thoughts with us, saying, “no matter where you are on the political spectrum, what you think the solution should be, we can all agree that people literally starving is a bad thing. Unfortunately, political narratives on all sides can blind us to the causes and therefore to even considering solutions. I invite every OV carefully to consider how amazing this country would be if no one was in this position, was able to contribute to society. That is possible, but can’t begin to be achieved by ignoring what is going on or demonising poor people. I would love to speak to anyone who wants to understand how.”

Thank you Adam for the amazing work you are doing to reach those most in need in our society through this awful pandemic.  Keep up this super work!