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14 May

OV on the TV!

It was a delight to see OV Iska Lupton (S 05-07) live on The Drew Barrymore Show this week!

Drew Barrymore and Jessica Alba were live, cooking with Iska and co-author Anastasia Miari with their cookery book Grand Dishes, which was published earlier this year.

The concept of Grand Dishes was inspired by Iska and Anastasia’s grandmothers, and the food they serve – which led to the co-authors travelling the globe, meeting grandmothers, to collate this collection of much-loved dishes.

Iska Lupton OV on the Drew Barrymore Show

Iska and Anastasia were on hand, along with Yiayia (Anastasia’s Greek grandmother), to talk Drew and Jessica through one of their delicious recipes. You can watch them via Facebook here.

Congratulations Iska on your starring role!