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19 November

OV Rowan’s Return

On Friday 12th November it was lovely to see OV Rowan Kitt (Ch 77-87) as he passed through Worcester en-route to refereeing the Gloucester v Bath rugby match in the evening.

As well as being a rugby referee and an international TMO, Rowan is the Development Director for Queens’ College, Cambridge. He was therefore delighted whilst with us to bump into Andrew Maund (Hon OV), an alumnus of Queens’ himself. Rowan then had opportunity to have a quick look around School with Head of Alumni Relations, Sophie Borrillo-McLellan.

OV Rowan Kitt

Due to COVID, visits at the moment are a little different and a tour of School needs to avoid spaces in use by pupils. That being said, Sophie and Rowan found a suitable quiet window to step into College Hall, where Rowan recognised many names on the honours boards and was able to say hello to Director of Music, Simon Taranczuk (Hon OV). Rowan himself was a chorister here at King’s and remembered well rehearsals such as the one for which Simon was preparing.

A trip into Choir House offered the opportunity for Rowan to see his old dorm and study, and a visit to Harriet Patrick in Archives was a superb end, with Harriet finding some lovely house photos featuring Rowan. Rowan had been to King’s earlier in the week for the Service of Remembrance for Marc Roberts, so he and Sophie were able to reflect on what a special occasion and fitting tribute that was.

Rowan added, “Thanks so much for the tour. The School looks in fine fettle. I hadn’t been into the former Choir House for many years, nor Edgar Tower, so it was particularly nostalgic. In the week where I also saw Ian and Maureen Brown for the first time in decades, plus some old King’s friends at Marc’s memorial; it has been great to reconnect a bit more.”