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27 May

OV Rugby Reunion

Last weekend saw OVs Alex Lowe (S 13-20), Ollie Berlet (W 13-20), Jack Cope (W 15-20), Charlie Francis (K 13-20), Tom Gidney (S 11-18), and James Austin (Os 16-18) reunite to play for Pershore Rugby Club against Bream Rugby Club.

Alex and Tom were kind enough to talk to us about the match:

Alex explained: “It was a really enjoyable day out at Bream Rugby Club in the Forest of Dean and for most of us it was the first time playing a competitive game of rugby since leaving school due to the pandemic.

“It was good to get a run out again in a high quality, tight game of rugby. James Austin and Tom Gidney linked up towards the end of the game for a well worked try, which was good to see. It was a great experience to be playing with school friends once more and we’re hoping it happens more often as it’s nice to still have school connections after leaving.”

Tom added: “The weekend’s game was a great chance to experience some contact rugby for the first time, in far too long, due to the pandemic. I’m about to finish my second year’s study at Durham University before starting a placement year at PwC. Durham, like all universities, has been under strict guidelines with regards to sport, especially rugby. So it was lovely to return to some normality.

“Furthermore, playing with Jack, Ollie, Alex and Charlie was a fantastic opportunity to play with fellow OVs with whom I’ve never played before due to year group differences. Unfortunately, however, I did still have to put up with playing with James but you can’t have everything I guess!”

Although Pershore RFC lost 20-7, the OVs were pleased with their performance against a good turnout from Bream.

Rugby isn’t the only sport the OVs are participating in, with a number of them, Alex included, training and playing for the Old Vigornians Cricket Club during their Gap Year. Alex added, “We’re taking advantage of the return of sport and we’re all looking forward to university now after a hard year for everyone.”

Well done for a great first match back since the lockdowns!

OVs Rugby Reunion for Pershore Rugby Club