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17 September

OV Treading the Boards

We were absolutely delighted to learn of OV Hollie Avery’s (S 12-19) debut to critical acclaim at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The show, called Radio 69, is about a tiny radio station in the Scottish borders that is on the brink of closing down. It follows the employees of the station in their fight to keep it up and running. Not only was Hollie the head writer and creative director but she also performed.

OV Treading the Boards Hollie Avery

Hollie explained: “This was the first show I have ever written and so to debut at the Fringe was extremely nerve-wracking. However, with the support of my cast, friends, and family, Radio 69 was a great success, gaining a nomination for Best Comedy at Fringe 2021 from the Derek Awards as well as multiple 5-star reviews.

“I cannot express how much fun we all had putting this show together and to see an audience enjoy watching it just as much as we enjoyed performing it was the most amazing feeling. It meant the world to be able to perform again after such a long theatrical drought.”

At King’s, Hollie was heavily involved in both music and drama productions including numerous Open Mic Nights, plays and concerts. This on top of her A Level workload and Monitor duties!

Hollie added: “I am forever grateful to King’s for the confidence it gave me in my abilities. The drama department taught me everything I know – there were times I could hear Mrs Parry in my head advising me on what to do!”

OV Treading the Boards Hollie Avery

Congratulations Hollie on a fantastic debut show! For those who have not yet had the chance to see Radio 69, you can watch it on Hollie’s company website, The Counterminers.