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20 May

OV’s Inspirational Teaching

We were so pleased to see OV Isobel Unwin (K 16-18) back at King’s this month in the Religion and Philosophy department on a teaching placement.

Isobel is in the midst of a two-year placement at Castle View Academy in Portsmouth as part of the Teach First Graduate Scheme. Teach First’s aim is to source prospective teachers from top universities to work with schools in deprived areas and give the pupils access to a level of speciality that they might not otherwise receive. In Isobel’s case, her subject is RE, having completed a degree in Theology and Religion at Durham University.

Isobel’s return to King’s is part of her training, to have the opportunity to spend time in an OfStEd Outstanding rated school for both a comparison and different context to the more disadvantaged school at which the graduate is teaching. This helps to give the graduate teacher a more rounded view of educational establishments, should they not have previously experienced it.

In addition to teaching at Castle View Academy, Isobel has also set up and runs a drama club, having noticed there was no real provision in the curriculum. This was also inspired by her time at King’s and she thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Head of Drama, Shara Parry (Hon OV).

OV Teacher Isobel Unwin

Explaining what it has been like to be back at King’s, Isobel said, “It has been really nice to be back, seeing how similar it is. I loved the RP when I was at School and know that I would never have thought of doing it at degree level if I hadn’t done it at King’s for A level.

“King’s is very much about inspiring the wonder of learning, and not just about ticking the curriculum boxes. Being back has given me some great ideas to incorporate into my own lessons and help give my kids a more rounded approach to learning, as I do find it a struggle getting my kids to engage.

“What’s more, I’ve also been able to sit in a couple of lessons with my siblings, which has been great fun!”

Isobel has been supported by Dr Ronan McLaverty-Head (Hon OV) in her teaching at King’s, continuing to inspire her as he did during A Levels.

OV Teacher Isobel Unwin and Ronan McLaverty-Head