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16 March

OVs Inspire, Inform, Shine and Remember

OVs shine on Stage.

OV Ben Humphrey’s (Cr 93-04) new company, The Young Rep, wowed Worcester audiences with its inaugural production, Macbeth, last week. As soon as one entered the auditorium, it was clear that the audience was in for a treat. The stark setting, minimalist lighting and almost constant presence of an eerie fog, all served to conjure up dystopian world. George Ormerod (OV), as Macbeth, delivered a role of such intensity that it was easy to forget that here is a young man not yet 21 years of age. Ormerod delivered his lines with genuine force and it was difficult not to feel an affinity with him as he sought to make some sense of the path that he had set out on and seemed powerless to avoid.

Current pupil, Steffi Mountain, brought real energy to her role as one of the witches and, along with her two ‘weird sisters’, drew frequent gasps from a fully engaged audience. Doubling up as the doctor, Steffi showed her versatility as a young member of the company. Luke Hudson (S 10-17) took the role of Ross and did not disappoint.

OV Humphrey recently won the award of ‘Best Dame’ in the 2017/18 Critic’s Choice Pantomime Awards and has carved out something of a niche as a comic, pantomime character,  as well as the company's resident stooge. But there is more to him than that; he is beginning to make a name for himself as a director and, if his production of ‘The Scottish Play’ is anything to go by, we will be hearing a lot more of Ben Humphrey, for all the right reasons!

A visit from OV His Honour Nicholas Chambers, QC

Another wonderful example of the OV network lending advice and motivation to current pupils took place this week, with a visit from His Honour Nicholas Chambers, QC (S 57-61). The day started speaking to a selection of L6 pupils about a career in Law. Head of Alumni Relations, Sophie Borrillo-McLellan, was then delighted to give a tour of the school before Nick met Headmaster, Matthew Armstrong, Development Director, Liz Elliott and Academic Deputy Head, Duncan King. A trip up to Archives unearthed some wonderful finds, including school photographs and even a drawing that Nick has submitted to the Vigornian magazine as a pupil. The day finished with Nick giving an inspiring and informative talk to L6 & U6 about ‘Life After King’s’. This combined a valuable insight into Law as a career, the process of training and the different areas in which one can work, with Nick’s valuable life experiences and skills that have served him well both in his personal life and career, including Adaptability, Money Management and Resilience. The day was a huge success, and as ever we are tremendously grateful for the contributions OVs make to school life and pupil development.   


OV Oxford University Reunion

OVs studying at Oxford University and Oxford Brookes gathered together on the evening of Thursday 8th March, at St Aldate’s Tavern in the centre of Oxford.  They were joined by King’s staff, Russ Mason, Director of External Relations (elect), and Liz Elliott and Sophie Borillo-McLellan from the Development and Alumni Relations Office for a very memorable evening, catching up with friends from school and getting to know some new ones, exchanging stories of life in Oxford with plenty of memories from their time at King’s.  OVs from across the years included Harriet Drew (Cr 07-14), Lizzie Fry (Cr 07-14), Alex Wenyon (Cr 07-14), Jasmine MacDonald (Os 10-17), Theo Beever (S 09-16), Ilija Rasovic (Cr 03-10) and Edd Peckston (K 10-17).

OV Jon Palmer in preparation for Remembrance.

During a recent visit to London, Development Director, Liz Elliott met up with Jon Palmer (Br 63-70), who will be the speaker at this year’s World War One Talk on Remembrance Day.  Jon will be talking on the subject of ‘A War Worth Winning’ and is in the process of researching and writing his talk.  Jon has a very impressive collection of War Studies, primarily focused on WW1 and is shown here with ‘The Treaty Of Peace Between Allied & Associated Powers And Germany’.  We are so looking forward to Jon’s talk at King’s in November, to complete the annual series of lectures held at school in commemoration of 100 years since World War One.

OVs play in the perfect Career Match

This week our Upper Remove pupils were treated to an afternoon with a difference…. Careers Speed Dating!

In small groups of 3 or 4, pupils were given just 5 minutes to meet and get to know about the occupations of each of our visiting professional guests. We were so delighted that OVs Nicholas Checketts (W 91-96), Rob Preston (S 80-85), Steve Crowcroft (W 62-69), Steve Perera (Cr 84-93), Peter Ballard (Br 79-86), Celia Bryant (Cl 99-01), Matt Jones (W 90-97), David Scrimshaw (W 63-70) and Fanos Hira (Os 80-87) were able to join us for the event, to pass on their advice, experiences and expertise to current pupils. The OVs represented a wide variety of professions and career paths, from Finance and Investment, through to Medicine, Engineering and even an Airline Pilot! Everyone was thrilled that the event took place in the iconic surroundings of College Hall, where many fond memories were shared. Liz Elliott, Development Director and Sophie Borrillo-McLellan, Head of Alumni Relations, were so pleased to welcome the OVs back to King’s and were delighted to offer tours of school afterwards.  

The event was a huge success and all the pupils left with a host of valuable information and ideas. Feedback from one pupil was; ‘I heard all about a project in Peru to channel water to remote villages, I’d love to do that!’

OV Charles Annable on BBC Breakfast News

Local businessman and OV, Charles Annable (Cl 78-88) appeared on BBC Breakfast on Tuesday 13 March, alongside (left to right) Tony Grimshaw OBE (What More UK), Sally Longden (Stick & Ribbon), Nick Goode (Sage) and Vicky Pryce (economist).  Steph McGovern, BBC Breakfast Business Presenter had invited Charles onto the show to discuss the economic climate from the perspective of a UK manufacturer, ahead of the Chancellor’s Spring Statement later that day.  Charles is managing director of Brockway Carpets, based in Kidderminster.