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8 January

Remembering OV and Former Chairman of King’s School Development Trust, Hugh Scurfield

OV Hugh ScurfieldWe were deeply saddened to hear that OV and former Chairman of King’s School Development Trust, Hugh Scurfield (Cl 43-54) passed away on 1st December 2020.

Hugh was a well-respected member of the OV community who gave back to King’s through his work as Chairman of the Development Trust and was one of the driving forces behind the Michael Baker Boathouse project and the creation of the Trust’s Enduring Bursary Invested Fund.

As a pupil at King’s, Hugh was Deputy Head of School, Head of Chappel house, a monitor and a member of the Boat club which led to him becoming Captain of Boats. An extremely able student, Hugh read Mathematics at Hertford College, Oxford where he continued rowing, winning the Silver Goblets at Henley Royal Regatta in 1959. The Silver Goblets is an annual rowing event for men’s coxless pairs.

After university, he became an actuary of considerable note; he was the General Manager, Actuary, and ultimately Chief Executive Officer of Norwich Union Insurance Group, and was a past president of the Institute of Actuaries. On retirement he became Chairman of the Development Trust in 2008, stepping down in 2012, working alongside former Development Directors Carol Bawden and Sophie Whitworth.OV Hugh Scurfield with boat

We received some lovely messages from members of the OV community who shared their memories of Hugh.

Fanos Hira (Os 80-87): “I was very saddened to hear this news. Hugh was extremely bright and able, I am grateful to have worked closely with him on the Development Trust. His foresight and input continues to guide us. Rest in peace.”

Tim Keyes (former Headmaster and Hon OV): “I am so sorry to hear this news. Hugh was a big part of our pioneering days with the Foundation Development Office.  David Mills accepted my invitation to be our first chairman and was followed in due course by Hugh who had all the right credentials as a distinguished OV who loved his old school.  He was a delightful man – courteous, wise and determined to do his best for the school.  He was also excellent company and a great support to Carol Bawden and Sophie Whitworth in turn.  His own rowing exploits as a young man gave him considerable kudos in the King’s wider community.  His financial acumen was invaluable to the trustees.  I shall remember him as a good friend and key ally in our plans to set Development at King’s on a firm footing.”

Carol Bawden (Hon OV): “It was so sad that a man of his brilliance should be brought down with such a pernicious illness.  He was a gentleman in all senses of the word.”

Donald Howell (S 53-61): “Hugh became chairman of the King’s School Development Trust while I was Chairman of the governors and we invited him to join our meetings to hear those relevant parts on strategy, etc.  I always had a great respect for him…. as did other trustees, particularly for his skills and experience as an actuary (he was former CEO of Norwich Union).”

OV Gerald Lindner at Hugh Scurfield's funeral

Sophie Whitworth (Hon OV): “Hugh was a dear friend and mentor to me.”

Gerald Lindner (S 43-46) attended Hugh’s funeral on behalf of the OV Community and was asked to pose for this photo, of him holding the Henley Royal Regatta Silver Goblet. Gerald said, “The Goblet had pride of place on his coffin, and of course is indirectly part of King’s School Worcester Boat Club’s history, it was suggested by one or more of the family that I should pose with it.”


(First and second photos courtesy of Tim Keyes, third photo courtesy of Gerald Lindner)