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6 November

Royal Geographical Society Prize for OV

OV Daisy NicholsWe are always delighted to share the successes of our OV community and many congratulations go to OV Daisy Nichols (K 09-16) who has just won a fantastic prize for a recent dissertation!

Daisy says, “I’m extremely thrilled to have won the Royal Geographical Society HPGRG 2020 Dissertation Prize for outstanding original work in the history and/or philosophy of human geography.

The idea for my dissertation developed during my year abroad, which I spent in Melbourne. This was the third year of my Geographical Sciences degree at the University of Bristol. I absolutely loved living in Melbourne, meeting lots of other international students and travelling across Australia.

In the dissertation I explore the experimental, improvisational filmmaking techniques of the Karrabing Collective. The Collective is a cooperative of Indigenous Australians who use film to analyse their existence within the context of settler colonialism. The dissertation considers how their films’ unconventional techniques may be framed as micropolitical acts in their attempts to rebut representational certitude. This area of film geography is relatively new, and one I find truly fascinating, so it was a pleasure to write my dissertation on it. I’m really looking forward to seeing my dissertation published on the Royal Geographical Society website soon!”