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16 November

Trio of OV news stories

OVs Remember

It was lovely to be sent this very special picture from OV Eleanor Weaver (Ch 08-15) with fellow OVs George Bullock (S 08- 15) and Benjamin Weaver (W 10-17) representing the Royal Air Force and Bristol Cathedral Choir respectively at the Bristol Remembrance Parade on Sunday 11th November.

Eleanor says, 'It was a huge privilege to take part in the parade, which is the second largest military parade in the country after London, especially on this 100th year of remembrance. 

All three of us were in the RAF section of the King’s School CCF in our time at King’s and without a doubt we would not be where we are today without those precious years!'

Catching up with hon OV lorri guy

We have been in touch with Lorri Guy (Hon OV) , former Head of Creighton and teacher of English at King’s School, (1997 – 2017), who has sent us this exciting news of her current job, as Head of Practice, UK for headhunting firm, Friisberg & Partners International:

I am now almost a year in to my second career – and I absolutely love it.  Who knew that interviewing and writing reports on senior executives in business is not so very different from evaluating and writing reports on King’s pupils!

I work with the UK practice of the headhunting firm Friisberg & Partners International. With over 40 offices and 250 consultants, we are instructed by large corporate clients to identify, approach, interview and shortlist candidates for the top jobs in industry and commerce.

Let me tell you, having worked in the shadow of Worcester cathedral for fifteen years, in the last ten months I have seen more different and exciting places than I could have imagined and have had the great pleasure of meeting and working with some very interesting and charismatic business leaders of global companies. My clients include FTSE100, Top10 Law Firm, National Charity, International Biotech, Fortune500, UK Retail Chains and, of course, some first-tier educational establishments.

I do miss aspects of teaching, especially the students, but the literature and drama too. However, I have been taken by my clients to the opera in Vienna and St Petersburg, and have been lucky enough to work in Dublin, Bucharest, Budapest, Rome, Paris, Vilnius, New York, Madrid, Edinburgh, Warsaw – and I am currently (desperately) trying to find a good reason to visit our Santiago office in Chile. Unless I am working on an international search, I split my time between our offices in Birmingham and London and my dog Murphy comes to work with me – perfect!

I quickly recognised that in the business world, the ability to use language effectively is a tremendous advantage. Success is mostly about communication and relationships – obviously hard work, brains and talent are factors too, but it is actually on these two foundation stones that all the really great careers are built. For me, spending time at the front of a classroom has been the ideal prelude to making presentations in boardrooms and my obsession with detail and efficiency are genuinely appreciated – time is money and deadlines really do matter.

My career change has (thankfully!) been a huge success. I’ve never been a fan of clichés, but “Carpe Diem” seems apt to me now. Being brave, making that leap and believing in yourself, whilst scary, can result in tremendous fun – and it has proved to be extremely rewarding too.

learning about the OV community with l6

On Friday 16th November Liz Elliott (Co 82-84), Development Director and Sophie Borrillo-McLellan, Head of Alumni Relations presented to the Lower Sixth about the OV community and the aims of the Development and Alumni Relations Office. 

Sophie gave examples of some OVs who had recently come into school and the importance of OVs in offering careers advice and guidance. She also talked about the OV Five Year and Ten Year reunions and the annual OV reunions in Worcester and London, as well as other events we organise.  We work closely alongside Helen Airdrie in the Careers department, which is particularly relevant to the Lower Sixth. Sophie also showed the students where they can find more information about inspiring OVs on the school website in the alumni selection. You can find out more here.

Liz then spoke about the Development aspect of the office and introduced the students to the concept of Philanthropy. She spoke of some of our OVs and friends of the school who have made significant contributions to the school, including donations for projects such as the Michael Baker Boathouse, the Keyes building and the school library and also how small donations can add up to make a big difference too. Liz also spoke about the Bursary Campaign and showed the students our new 'Open the Door to King’s' film (more details can be found here).