King's St Alban's

4 February

Y6 explore hobbies

School assemblies are an important part of life at King’s St Alban’s. The whole school meets at least once a week, with the Junior and Pre-Prep holding their own assemblies regularly through out each term. Each Form gets the opportunity to lead an assembly, this is a great experience for children of all ages to start building their confidence in public speaking. We  encourage all of our pupils to embrace a positive Growth Mindset in everything they do. For many pupils, Form lead assemblies are their first real experience of public speaking and many comment on how the experience prepares them for the future.

This week, 6DB presented an assembly on Hobbies and Interests, of which there were a real variety. They began with a stirring form performance of Matilda, who told lies and was burned to death, a cautionary tale on what not to do for a healthy pastime. Juliet then gave a PowerPoint presentation on fossils. This was attractively presented and informative, enriched with several examples of fossils of her own, including a rather hefty ammonite! Ruby, Tobias and Harriet then informed us about their passion for Aston Villa Football Club, past and present. George G then lunged forward with a talk on fencing. He uses a foil, which he showed us, alongside his protective helmet and jacket which can be wired up to detect hits. Marcus and George F’s favourite hobby is rock climbing, so they talked us through a little of the history, touched on the ‘latest news’ (climbing will be an official Olympic sport this summer), then talked about the equipment they use to climb.

A shared interest in the First World War and the lead-up to the Second World War brought James and William together for their presentation, which, while unavoidably complicated, was well-informed. Molly and Frederick then provided us with a ‘true or false’ quiz about the various clever gadgets and ruses employed by the Allies around D Day. Martha highlighted a selection of her many drawings inspired by Animé and Manga from Japan. Luke, Ollie and Piers ended the proceedings with a thought-provoking presentation on electric cars, pointing out, among other things, that one day, motorways may well be eerily quiet places!

School Assemblies courtesy of Year 6