At King’s St Alban’s we place great emphasis on pastoral care and the children’s emotional development. We work hard to maintain constructive and mutually supportive relationships with parents.

Role Models

Our teachers have great relationships with our pupils and are excellent role models.  They know and understand our pupils well, creating a caring and nurturing family environment at school.​​

Communication between home and school

We pride ourselves on the quality of our links with parents and our communication between home and school is central to the way we care for our children. There are frequent formal and informal opportunities to discuss your child’s progress. Detailed written reports are produced in December and July and parent-teacher evenings are scheduled three times a year.

Informal contact with staff is easily arranged, and open, frequent communication is encouraged.

The happiness and well-being of our children at St Alban's is our greatest priority.  We know that happy children succeed and this philosophy has always been key to school life at King's St Alban's. 

Richard Chapman


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Healthy Minds, Happy Children: A Mindful Approach to Education

In a world where we cannot escape the ever-increasing issue of mental health amongst young people it is vital that we prepare our children for the high-tech and fast-paced world of their future.  At King’s St Alban’s, mental well-being is now something that all children understand and mindfulness has become a well-loved part of daily school life.

Liz Lewis is a teacher at King’s St Alban’s and is leading the mindfulness initiative. She is working with the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) which is a national charity for young people and schools.  She has completed her training (Paws B) and now teaches classes throughout the school.

Mindfulness activities that children take part in at King’s St Alban’s are varied and diverse. Every day, pupils practise mindfulness along with relaxation and breathing techniques, but they have also had the opportunity to take part in other activities such as mindful colouring to relaxing music, yoga, and ‘wake up and stretch’ sessions.  Through Liz’s work, King’s St Alban’s recently became the first school to follow Darcey Bussell’s lead in using dance to improve mental health.  The children were thrilled to take part in a performance at the end of the spring term. 

Since we’ve increased our focus on mindfulness we have noticed that the children are far calmer and more fulfilled, their concentration levels are significantly increased and hence they perform better both in and out of the classroom. It really does have remarkable results.

Liz Lewis

Teacher at King's St Alban's

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