A great school education provides more than just classroom subjects. At King’s St Alban’s we want to develop lifelong passions, to encourage children to take part in activities which excite and engage, which help develop confidence, resilience, teamwork, and strength of character. These are characteristics that we believe will be transferred into the classroom and a pupil’s education.

Our pupils love to learn: they are inquisitive, keen on achieving new things, and love to come to school. Children learn best when they enjoy what they are doing and feel like they are achieving both inside and outside of the classroom.

Here at King’s St Alban’s, pupils have opportunities to sample and excel at a range of activities, including art & craft, aqua fun, ballet, chess, cricket, drama, dance, fencing, football, gymnastics, keep calm & relax, hammer beads, hockey, karate, Newspaper Club, knit & natter, Nature Club, netball, running, rugby, singing, dance & create, and swim squad.

As a mother, I have found having my children at King's St Alban’s an absolute pleasure. Both of my children have enjoyed, and been educated very well, at King's St Alban’s – I think they know this! I know they have both been given an excellent start in life and memories to treasure.

King's St Alban's Parent

We encourage children to spend time getting involved in our clubs as well as our teams, choirs, and orchestras.

Our activities take place before or after school, in the evening or, on some occasions, on Saturday mornings. Children can select the activities and clubs in which they wish to take part, and these are delivered by our experienced, passionate staff internally, but also by external, approved club or activity experts.