King’s St Alban’s is a nurturing and inspiring school in which pupils learn effectively. We teach in a supportive, stimulating way to maximise each child’s potential, so that all our children enjoy school life and develop a love of learning for its own sake, and not just for exam success.

Through a caring environment and small class sizes, we can really get to know each pupil’s needs. We underpin learning with a ‘Growth Mindset‘ approach, in which pupils are encouraged to view mistakes as opportunities to learn (a ‘growth mindset’) rather than failures to be feared and avoided (a ‘fixed mindset’). Each term, we introduce two Growth Mindset words based on such qualities as perseverance, kindness, curiosity, and creativity. Growth Mindset is promoted in assemblies through stories, mindset heroes, and celebrating children’s growing strengths. We build strong links between home and school to more fully achieve all of these aims.

Pupil of all ages, abilities and needs are highly confident and self-assured. They are determined to give their best in all situations, within and beyond the the classroom.

ISI Report, 2017

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Education beyond the classroom

At King’s St Alban’s we strongly believe that educational visits inspire learning. In History we build our own Tudor house in school, in Geography children enjoy a variety of field studies, and in Music we have visited Symphony Hall in Birmingham to hear the CBSO.

Outdoor learning is an important feature of learning at King’s St Alban’s, as we passionately believe in educating the whole child for life beyond the classroom. We offer Forest School for our Pre-Prep (the only purpose-built one in Worcester) and enjoy the use of our very own outdoor education facility, the Old Chapel, in the South Wales countryside.

King’s St Alban’s shares an outstanding range of sports facilities with our Senior School, King’s Worcester, enabling pupils to realise their full sporting potential. In sport and beyond, we offer a great number of co-curricular clubs. The children express themselves creatively across the arts in our annual Creative ConneXions festival.

We are very proud of our academic reputation.  Many pupils gain scholarships to King’s Worcester and our children display a genuine love of learning.  Through sensible expectations, inspiring teachers, excellent facilities and a genuinely nurturing environment, all children develop their learning skills and make pleasing progress in the classrooms at King’s St Alban’s.

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