For a number of years, King’s St Alban’s has embraced the principles of Professor Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset. The idea focuses on the belief that pupils’ abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.

Our children generally have a positive mindset and are certainly encouraged to be resilient in their learning and beyond.  Every year, a group of teachers look in detail at what we offer in terms of Growth Mindset and character education, as well as at our wider ethos.  After much consultation and deliberation, we have established twelve Growth Mindset words we feel King’s St Alban’s is all about: kindness, perseverance, pride, resilience, respect, responsibility, risk taking, cooperation, curiosity, flexibility, focus, and independence.  These twelve words perhaps best describe our environment and ethos.

The video below was created as part of Creative ConneXions 2019. It highlights the twelve Growth Mindset words that we encourage our pupils to embody.

Growth Mindset – Incorporated into School Life

In addition, Growth Mindset is promoted in assemblies through stories, Mindset heroes and celebrating those children who aspire to have a Growth Mindset.

Growth Mindset – At Home

We build strong links between home and school to enable parents to use Growth Mindset language at home and encourage the children to believe they can always improve and that mistakes are learning opportunities.


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